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About us

Zhejiang Macro-Solar Technology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in R & D, manufacturing, and export  on  solar energy products.

Main products are mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline solar pv modules, solar systems and solar applications.

New popular products are flexible solar panels, solar suitcase and solar attic fans.

Our products are internationally certified with TUV,CE,IEC and ISO9001 etc. The factory covers over 50,000 square meters. Its annual production capacity is 250MW. 

We located in Pinghu, Jiaxing city, which is one and half hour from Shanghai Pudong airport.

Since established in 2006, we have export reliable renewable products all over the world. Our main clients from South America, India, Japan, South Korea, USA, EURO, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Middle East,etc.

Our solar modules have been delivering very strong operating performance, providing clean & reliable solar electric power to on-grid and off-grid systems.

We are focused on long-term development and willing to create innovative, win-win solutions with our clients.



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